Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm a boy, not a vegetarian!

For an 8 year old, Conor certainly has a way with words - and really, always has, ever since he started talking.

Last weekend I was making soup for dinner. Although I used a chicken stock base, it was vegetable soup. When Conor asked me what was for dinner and I said "soup" his words were "for crying out loud mum give me something more filling. I'm a boy not a vegetarian!"

I had to ring Anthony to tell him that his son had spoken words close to Anthony's heart - having grown up in the country a meal isn't a meal to him if it doesn't contain meat.

I guess growing boys need something more substantial in their tummies, especially sports mad ones like mine!


  1. Gab!! Awesome post!! Talk about something that is screaming for a scrapbook page!! Love it!

  2. Ha ha, yes it isn't a meal unless it has meat. Having 3 boys myself, they are always hungry and nothing fills 'em up like good ol' meat and potatoes.

  3. Hi Gab, you are the winner of my blog candy at Send me your address at so I send your goodies to you


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