Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Halloween part 2, aka "trick a treat"

I'm still learning and fiddling around with Blogger ... can't seem to get the pictures to be the way I want them. Anyway, I decided to start a new post rather than wasting more time formatting the last one!

Trick or treating is still not really big though. I'm not sure why, but Conor LOVES the idea of Halloween. Last year he wanted a Halloween party for his birthday. And this year he really wanted to go trick or treating so I eventually decided "why not". He has this great pirate costume that my sister gave him for his birthday 3 years ago and it still fits him.

He had a whole act he was going to do .. knock on the door and say "trick a' treat" (that's the way he pronounces it). Then if they didn't reply he would say (in a pirate-y voice) "do I have to get out my sword?". Then he would say "just tricking" and walk away. Of course he was too shy to actually do it! We went to 3 neighbours houses and he struck gold (or rather chocolate) at the first one! Nothing from the other 2 though. Then we walked to to of his school friends houses who live nearby. At the first house it had been his friend's birthday party so he got a big handful of goodies. And at the second house they'd had a Halloween party the night before so he was lucky enough to get some candy corn that had come from America! Then we went to mum and dad's where he got 2 packs of chips! So he was more than happy

He had a really nice idea too .. he took along a treasure bag of gold coins and decided that anyone who gave him lollies would get a gold coin!

The interesting thing was that as we were driving back from mum and dad's we saw 2 groups of people out trick or treating. And we got a doorbell call that night!


  1. Love Conor's pirate costume and his idea to hand out gold coins!

  2. Who could resist this adorable little pirate? LOL!


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