Friday, October 15, 2010

Bad Blogger

I was worried this would happen ... I would start a blog and then my excitement would fizzle out and it would go nowhere

I'd be interested in tips from other bloggers. How do you keep current? Do you aim to write an entry a certain number of times a week? Do you always have photos with your blog entries? What types of topics do you write about?

I've been thinking about setting myself a schedule but then worry that I'd be writing just for the sake of writing

Any and all thoughts would be appreciated!


  1. I try and post 2ce a week, but sometimes life gets in the way ;) Maybe if you tell yourself each week at a certain day you are going to post SOMETHING. Whether it be a photo from the week, a scrapbook project or just something you are thinking about. But I do think schedules work to get you in the habit. I guarantee you have things to say and share it is just not having it be part of your routine so when you have time you feel like you dont have anything to say.

  2. I just started my blog the same time you did. I'm trying to post several times a week just to get in the habit, even if its just about what's going on in my life. I'm trying to use photos, just because I love seeing photos on other blogs.

  3. Thanks my 2 Rebecca friends! I thought maybe a schedule was the way to go!

  4. I find I post alot of pics, usually of what I've scrapped that week (or of something really interesting I've seen). I try to update at least once a week

  5. Hi Gab!
    Thanks for your kind word about my card!

    The nesties I used are the Mega Ovals, the mid size.

    Have a nice weekend!


  6. Thank you for visiting me and leaving such nice words!
    I hope you find the urge to blog again. I have no exactly advise, I just love to blog...and I try to have as many post during a week as I can...but never more then one post a day.....
    and I always have picture in my posts, but I try to limit the text.



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